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Curriculum vitae

Saturday 4 August 2007


    • 1970 -1971 - Istituto tecnico Commerciale ’Enrico Fermi’ Gorizia - Diploma of Accountant and commercial expert with votes 57/60 (best voted of session)
    • 1974 -1975 - Università degli studi di Trieste - Degree in Economy and Commerce with votes 110/110 (best voted of session) Nov. 1978 - Università degli studi di Trieste - Qualification to the profession of Doctor in Commerce (Best voted of session)
    • 1983 - Qualified to high school role teaching of technical disciplines of commerce and business - second placed of competitive examination
    • 1995 - Qualified as Auditor of Accounts following laws D.LGS. 27.01.92 n.88 e ope legis DPR 20.11.92 n.474 e Decr. Min. 12.04.95 published on G.Uff. 31/bis of 21.04.95

      Personal Data

      Born in Gorizia 02.11.1952 He founded and started his activity with ’Studio Raida’ which has been opened in March 1979.
      Actually the ’Studio’ assists privates, individual firms, companies of persons and capitals, is endowed with an inside net of PC and with most modern informatic instruments and is entitled of telematic transmission.


    • 1975 -1993 -Ordinary Teacher of technical disciplines of business and commerce in the high school
    • Since 1979 - Doctor of business
    • Since 1986 - Auditor of companies
    • Since 1995 - Auditor of Accounts

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